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Giving Them The Tools To Live Their Dreams!

NFTC Student Outreach

NFTC Student Outreach

~ Performance & Workshop ~

Bennett Gale

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Welcome to New Frontier Theatre Company. Our mission is to create a living legacy through inspiring today’s youth. These are challenging times for everyone, especially young people. For many students it feels like they’re existing on shifting sands. Often, their judgement is clouded by not having the proper tools, the personal allowance to imagine, and through imagining create real-life solutions to their problems, as well as pathways to realizing their dreams.

It is our belief that in this unprecedented time of change, new solutions must be created. Our programs are designed to stimulate, encourage, and enable students to respond creatively and positively to the increasing demands that they face. In doing so, opening the doors for them to create their own legacy.

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